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Мальтийско-английский и англо-мальтийский словарь

Maltese-English English-Maltese dictionary

Автор: Kaptan Pawlu Bugeja

Издательство: "Pubblikazzjoni Gulf"

Год издания: 1984 г.

Букинистическое издание

Состояние книги: хорошее

Количество страниц: 536 стр.

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240 грн.

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Мальтийско-английский и англо-мальтийский словарь


Мальтийско-английский и англо-мальтийский словарь / Maltese-English English-Maltese dictionary


"Maltese-English English-Maltese dictionary / Мальтийско-английский и англо-мальтийский словарь" has been compiled and designed to meet the needs of Maltese readers, young and old, and to interpret in a simple and practical manner the language of the day.


Most of the words selected are those used in ordinary speech, and those one is likely to come across in reading modern story books. However, a number of words have been included which are no longer used in everyday conversation, like knight errant, drawbridge, jerkin, but which are usually found in classical books, for instance, as Ivanhoe, King Arthur, Robinson Crusoe and many more. Words which are very old, obsolete and out-of-date have been excluded.


The definitions are arranged either in paragraphs or single entries. The para­graphs include examples, as well as, phrases and idioms which are derived or have been coined from the key-word. The definitions in the Maltese - English section are explained in simple English terms consistent with accuracy, and which the average Maltese student will readily understand.


A special feature of this dictionary is that practically all the defining words in this section are included in the English - Maltese section where the pronunciation of the key-words is indicated by spelling the word exactly as it is spoken in English, with italics to show where the stress should fall. This is given by means of a system of phonetic symbols based on Maltese sounds: lucky (lak-i), people (pii-pl).


After the key-word and its pronunciation an italic abbreviation denoting its part of speech is printed. These abbreviations, as well as, the phonetic symbols used, are explained in full in the lists given on pages xiii, xv.


It is hoped that this "Maltese-English English-Maltese dictionary / Мальтийско-английский и англо-мальтийский словарь" will be of value to Maltese students, that it will meet their requirements in reading and writing, and that it will enable them to improve and develop their composition work, both in style and vocabulary. It should also prove helpful and useful to those readers who may wish to make use of it and refer to it in the course of their everyday life.

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